The explanation of the Blog name.

© Yasmine L.
© Yasmine L.

Why not (the) WHY NOT (blog)?
Well, there are two aspects, two stories to why I chose this name.

1. In September 2017 I remembered that I read about the „Masters Open Day“ in Utrecht. I found it on the Instagram page of Utrecht University, which I followed because I thought about getting a masters degree and I wanted to visit the city for a longer period of time. Anyway. Later that month, when I was at work and couldn’t decide whether to spontaneously book the trip or not, my lovely (and dearly missed) colleague Lisa said: „WHY NOT?“ –

I looked at her and said: You’re right! I book it now. What’s stopping me?“ And I’m so grateful for that little but needed push and that I went on my own. It’s my favourite short trip to this day. Detailed posts will follow!

2. These two simple words reminded me of my younger self. The period when I was in my late teens until I began to study. I was a lot more adventurous and a lot less worried then. I just did the things I liked to do. Which was going on festivals, concerts and parties. A lot. This also was the „era“ where I discovered that I enjoy being on my own.

Sure, that I’m not the only one: disappointment and anxiety played a role. Friends who weren’t real friends, disagreements with parents and confusion about oneself lead me to the mantra (I have no other word for that atm):

„Why should I miss out on xyz only because there’s no one coming with me? Why the hell not do it alone?“


So I did things anyway. I remember there were (and still are) a lot of stigmas, prejudices and conversations like „Hi! With whom are you here?“ -„I’m on my own.“, I replied then. „Oh, so you don’t have any friends?“ … You get the idea. I had and have friends, only a small number, well selected. Which I became better with over time. Still, it was and is not common to do things on your own. There’s a small shift, for example in the travel community but most of the time you get a pitiful look. It doesn’t bother me anymore tho. I even think it’s brave.

© Yasmine L.

Why do people are afraid of being alone? Spending time alone? Going out alone?

I like doing things with people and friends aswell. But it sucks a lot of energy. I need to have a balance between alone and „together“ time. I’m an ambivert. And highly sensitive.

That’s why this realisation in October 2017 hit me so hard. I turned into a little hermit whilst I was in Uni. I had time and some money but I worried way too much about everything. It was a rather stressful time, to be fair. I even developed a bit of social anxiety. That’s gone now.

Saying „why not?!“ is so powerful! Most of the time we are standing in our own way. Surrounded by our little comfort bubble. If you’re happy there- good.
If not: Find what’s best for you.

© Yasmine L.

It’s so refreshing to go out and explore the world alone. Only your thoughts and experiences. Start with your neighbourhood. Take yourself out for dinner, a walk, a movie.

Start that hobby you always push into the future, start that career you dream of on the side, take that trip to Barcelona, meet that person, ask them out. Why not? What can you lose?! Maybe some money and time. However, you gained experience and will never wonder again what would’ve happened IF you did that. And that’s exorbitantly more worth.

Here’s to giving less f*cks and doing more of what’s good for our souls! Cheers!

x Yasmine

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