february_playlist’20 | Spotify

© Yasmine L.

I guess I needed a hard break to slow down (January was intense)
and the universe gave me one. Read here why…


Kopenhagen 2018

I hope, you’re well and aren’t overwhelmed with all the “set goals, habits and ‘new year, new me’ talks”?!
Don’t get me wrong!
I love a fresh start and setting intentions, but the pressure to change is often pretty high around new years.

October Inspiration.

Ok ok ok. This post was supposed to be up in October. I struggled to keep it up around here. Anyway, better late than never, right? Here come my inspirations, music I enjoyed, videos that helped or thought-provoking podcasts and books. I hope, they give you value too. 🙂 music. podcasts. videos. books. Weiches starkes… October Inspiration. weiterlesen

december playlist_’19

© YL

Christmas is already over, so I hope you had some relaxed, joyful days with people you like.
And if not, that’s okay too.

november playlist_'19

I recently read the phrase
“November is like the Thursday of the year” and that somehow sounded true for me.

september playlist_’19

What would your life be like if there was no music?
Mine would be dull and miserable.

This playlist joined me on my adventure to Rotterdam.

I enjoyed creating it a lot. I hope you enjoy listening to it. 🙂

august playlist_’19


Sooo, September is already here and I still owe you the August Spotify playlist. Here it is. Why not have a listen? As much as I’ll miss the warm breezy days, pool afternoons, reading in the park and ice cream (and so on), I’m looking forward for golden autumn days with fresh air walks and… august playlist_’19 weiterlesen

july playlist_’19

July playlist 2019. Happy summer everyone!

may playlist_’19

Here is my May 2019 Spotify Playlist. I curate these playlists every month. They include the songs I stumble across through people, Spotify and places.