Something exciting (at least for me) is coming!


Who whould’ve thought I’d start a blog… But when thinking about a creative outlet for my – so long neglected- „creative skills“ and interests, a blog seemed to be the right thing. And now, here I am.

„Short“ facts about me: I’m a 25 year old post-grad girl who’s creating her „corner“ of the internet.

I’m german and I don’t really know why I’m writing in english, but it somehow feels natural. So, please don’t mind any spelling or grammar mistakes (I’m trying my best!).

I’m really into anything „aesthetically pleasing“ stuff, like Interior Design, Photography (I’m shooting for myself since 2010), Graphic Design and hand lettering / Typography.

Another great passion of mine is music. I live for it. I love to experience it and totally dive into it. I visited 30+ concerts and around 10 festivals (by now). These are moments when I forget everything around me.

On the other side, I experienced quite some things (good and bad) and had  (and still have sometimes) my own little battles with mental health, relationships and experiences like uni. I don’t know yet what I’ll share, but I’m not afraid to talk about it. It’s a coping mechanism (for me) and when I can help someone with my stories, I’m more than pleased.

Otherwise (or despite that) I’m a pretty positive person and like to see the good in everything and anything.

I hope, I can bring you some value with this blog.
Keep your eyes peeled: there will be monthly playlists, blog posts about events & concerts, mental health and caring for yourself and trips with pretty pictures (I forgot to mention that I like to go on adventures)!



PS There will be a lot of changes design-wise, so don’t get too comfortable with this right now. 😉

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