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This isn’t a simple vlog. It’s a short movie. Simple perfection.
Simply stunning!
Eliot is killing the edits.
Eeh, dream apartement?!
‚cause boundaries are importanit af to stay sane and protect your mental wellbeing.
Could be helpful for all you plant lovers and newbies. 🙂
Zoé is on point, as always. Love this woman!


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Sylvester McNutt – Care Package

I’m sure everyone has her or his troubles in life, has been wronged or hurt.

This book helped me to realise a lot of things. It began the healing process for me and gave me strength.

It’s a collection of excerpts and short poems. So whenever you need a reminder or a pick me up, you can easily grab it again. I highly recommend it!

His Insta (a lot of the poems are the too!):

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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie –
We should all be Feminists

A quick read, yet packed with on point statements and explanations on how and why we all should be feminists.

Brilliant and wise woman.

We should all read it. Men and women.

We can learn a lot from it.

Her Insta:

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Marieke Eyskoot – This is a good guide

Want to learn about sustainability in all its facets? This is your guide!

From A-Z every topic, from fashion, food to work and travel, everything is included.

All the information are well researched, easy explained (with some shocking numbers!) and the book is well designed.

Well done Marieke!

Her Insta:

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Lina Jachmann – Einfach leben (GER)

Wer einen Einstieg in das Thema Minimalismus möchte, wird viel aus diesem Buch ziehen können!

Ich selber schnuppere neben meiner anderen Lektüre immer wieder rein und entdecke nützliche Tipps. Auch hier sind, wie in Mariekes Buch (s.o.) alle relevanten Themen abgedeckt und mit spannenden Interviews ergänzt.

Ich bin auf dem Weg zu einem minimalistischerem Leben. Ich möchte mein WG-Zimmer und mein Leben nur mit Dingen füllen, die einen Nutzen haben oder mir Freude bereiten. Der Rest kommt von allein. 🙂


I probably prefer Pie’s second channel to his first, even when he’s a top notch photographer in general.
The quality, depth and stories he tells through his pictures are next level!
Want to learn more about photography or just be inspired by their work? Check Mango Street Lab!
Here’s there YT as well:
Want someone in fitness with a holistic, non-judgemental and actually healthy approach?
Shona should be your choice then! What a super babe!
Just starting my journey to live with minimum plastic waste, even if I was consciously raised. So far, it’s fun to purposely look for the plastic free version of things, swatch things out (if used up) and learn to make your own products.
Are you on the ’save the oceans‘-train with me?

I hope some of the things and links are helpful for you. Let me know. 🙂

xx Yasmine

PS I’m not paid to say any of those things. I bought everything myself and the opinions are 100% my own!

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