recent inspiration_ oct’18.

Here are some of the things, videos, songs that inspired me, got me thinking or that I learned from. I want to share them with you, cause maybe they’re doing the same for you. Have fun!

Larks vs. owls – a NYT article

I consider myself an owl. Not an extreme one, but I tend to be productive (again) in the evening hours and go to bed around midnight. 11pm would be better because I need to wake up at least at 7am.

I was recently told at work, that our „department“ has to begin half an hour earlier (at 8am). Although I understand why, I shared my concerns, because I know I’m an owl and wouldn’t be as fresh with getting up more early. The comment was: „Yeah, but we can’t afford you to sleep in.“ (or something like that). I know I will struggle with waking up earlier than 7am. For some that’s late, but … read the article. It shares some insight into the struggles of night owls. We found the compromise that I get the late shift in the future and I schedule my back office time to how I need it.

Why you will mary the wrong person – Alan de Botton

Super interesting perspective about our perception of love and romantic relationships. I recommend watching it, regardless if you’re single or not.

The quintessence (words by him):

  • Love is not just admiration for strength, it’s tolerance for weakness and recognition of ambivalence
  • We are hard to live with, cause we’re humans + we’re shaped by our childhood experiences. So, therefore, we’re out to find a partner who feels familiar, not one that makes us happy (the need to suffer)
  • Don’t follow your heart and instinct > compatibility is an achievement of love
  • We ALWAYS have to explain how we feel and what we think. No one, even the right partner, can read your mind. So explain yourself
  • Become a good teacher (explanation in video – 15:50 to 16:52)
  • „You are most likely a good enough parent/partner/ etc. […]“ – Donald Winnicott. We don’t need perfection!

Handcraft – Mulle Beats (EP)

Zoë aka the professional wild child

Zoë has accompanied me and my journey for quite some time now. I love her open-mindedness, fresh, but questioning mind and positive messages. She kinda became a role model for me in certain things. Every video contains an important message about self-care, travelling, self-employment  and so on. Check out her YouTube and Instagram . I’m very grateful for what she does.

Her recent #foodforthought videos need WAY more people to watch them, because they are so important. For example this: and this:

This video is one of them, which hit me really hard, because I’m dealing with the same questions and situations. I always knew that I didn’t want to end in an unfulfilling corporate job (I know now that there are some rad companies out there, but anyway). I knew that I didn’t want to live to work, but work to live. And now, after Uni is over, I am on the journey to become a freelancer, or whatever can bring me the life I want to live.

I’m sure, there are many of you feeling the same way, so don’t hesitate to comment on this post. Let’s have a conversation, let’s motivate and encourage each other. 

Because, WHY NOT?

Have a nice Sunday!

x Yasmine

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