October Inspiration.

Ok ok ok. This post was supposed to be up in October. I struggled to keep it up around here. Anyway, better late than never, right?

Here come my inspirations, music I enjoyed, videos that helped or thought-provoking podcasts and books. I hope, they give you value too. 🙂


Imagine: Being on a road trip with your best friend.
Driving through mountains or the Californian desert, your car windows or your rooftop open
and this song blasts out the speakers… Dreamy.

What shall I say?
I pretty much like everything by ford.
The vibes are just .. wow.

I discovered this song in the vlogs of Anna (The Anna Edit), in this for example, and love how it transports you to somewhere summery and light. I’m all about the vibes, ya know.

This. This is my birthday song for my 27th birthday.
After a long, but chilled day in Rotterdam, I sat in my hostel bed and
had this song in loop for an hour straight (or even longer).
I journaled about my past year on this earth and
was completely in the zone.

Repeat on repeat on repeat.
One of the best songs in 2019 for me.


One huge mind shift I’m going through this year is my relationship with money.
I grew up in a household where money wasn’t abundant and therefore I’m very frugal.
I’m grateful that I learned to manage my money properly and enjoy earning my own now to be independent.
What changed for me is that I realised I deserve to earn more.
I want to earn more to have the opportunity to design my life as I want to.
This is a big transformation for me.
This podcast, by some amazing fellas I know personally, gives a lot of value to me.
They interview a lot of interesting people and share their own stories and opinions.
With topics ranging from after death experience to drug addiction and abuse.
Most importantly, how they deal with difficult situations or how they’ve overcome them.

This episode is about vulnerability and authenticity in social media – a very interesting topic!

It’s in german, with some episodes in English, so give it a listen!

Follow them on Instagram @your_bannister_mile
– GER –
Stefanie is a wonderful person with a wonderful attitude.
Her podcast episodes, rather her guests have so much wisdom, give me a lot of
‚aha! moments and empowerment.

This episode is about how to find one’s own unique way (of living e.g.).
Follow her on Instagram @ohhhmhhh


Check out the 48 series from Topjaw!
They visit a lot of interesting places and specialise on trying out
different food locations, bars and restaurants in high quality and fun way.

I immediately feel the improvement of my lower back pain after this session, which is great. 🙂

Michelle is such a babe!
Her tips on self-organisation, life improvements and minimalism are always on point.

Check her out on Instagram @muchelleb

Check Anna out on Instagram.

A cool young woman who talks about the important topic of Periods.
It’s worth a watch!

These two (Dana & Lou) just recently stopped living in their Van Odie and sold it.
Their adventures with it are nonetheless worth watching.
They both have a unique way to live and approach life. 🙂


Weiches starkes Herz – Madeleine Alizadeh. (GER)

Ich bin grade mal bei einem Drittel des Buches angelangt (Stand: 04.01.20 – ja, ich lese sehr langsam in letzter Zeit, lasst mich 😀 ), doch ziehe so so viel Gutes und Wahres aus diesem Buch. Madeleine schreibt so roh, ehrlich und weise, dass ich alle paar Absätze ein Zitat oder eine Erkenntnis mit meinem grauen Marker markieren muss.

Es ist sehr am Zahn unserer Zeit und befasst sich mit vielen Themen, die relevant für Menschen meiner Altersgruppe, aber auch darüber hinaus, sind. Etwa mit Liebe, gesunden Grenzen, Nachhaltigkeit, Authentizität, uvm.

Ich bin sehr gespannt, wie es weiter geht und halte euch auf dem Laufenden!
Doch schon jetzt kann ich dieses Buch empfehlen –
egal welchem Geschlecht, Alter oder Gruppe
man sich zugehörig fühlt.

Tiere essen – Jonathan Safran Foer.

Noch so ein Buch was eigentlich jede*r gelesen haben sollte.

Ich bin auch mit diesem noch nicht fertig, finde die Herangehensweise, nämlich alle Seiten der Fleischindustrie zu Wort kommen zu lassen, um sich dann eine eigene Meinung zu bilden, bemerkenswert.

Noch eine Empfehlung!
Das Buch sollte eigentlich jedes Kind in der Schule lesen und danach alle, die irgendwie mit diesem Thema (Fleisch essen oder eben nicht) in Berührung stehen.

Alright then, these are my October highlights and inspirations.
Let me know in the comment section if anything is helpful to you or sparks interest. 🙂

I wish you a wonderful new year!

Happy 2020!

x Yasmine

PS Check out my last inspiration post.

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