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the beginning

Hello there!

Before I start this mini-series, there’s a quick introduction:

I wanted to post this a few weeks ago when I officially received my certificate. I didn’t, because it’s quite scary to open up those things. When you can’t present a flawless academic career. When you „fail“. But it’s my blog, so I just do it. Why not?

Not long ago I became a so-called „post-grad“. I studied Geography (B.Sc.) at the ‚Georg-August-University‘ in Göttingen, Germany. This Thursday, the 12th of July 2018 I’ll celebrate the success of my finished studies. I celebrated with my family and felt immense pride. Simply, because I didn’t give up when it obvious to so. Let me tell you, it didn’t come easy. But let’s start with the beginning.

I graduated from high school in 2012. Then I took a „gap year“, but I didn’t travel or did other exciting things. I worked in an Australian restaurant (in service), later in a big store (also in customer service) and „relaxed“ a lot of the time. I really enjoyed that time, but I know I wanted to pursue further education.

So, with the semester start in September 2012 I visited the Geography lectures in Hannover at the ‘Leipniz University’. I went there twice a week as a guest student for about a month. You may ask „Why Geography?“ – Well, it was my best subject in high school. I had lots of interest in it and could actually imply the topics into reality. That’s why I was good at it. I need to put information into practice and reality. Simple as that. Topics like gentrification, climate change, urban development, the distribution of resources and their effects on the economy of a country, the demographic change and the impact humans have on their surroundings and the other way around fascinated me (and still do).

I sucked at my other „main“ subjects, like German, Biology (dependent on the topic), and (ironically) in Englisch. I did alright (to my surprise) in Physics and Math, but only because the teacher was good. My greatest question I now have: How did I manage this (up to) 43h school week + homework + social life?! (I dislike our school system, even if I’m grateful for education in general. But that’s for another story.)

The experience I’ve gained as a guest student at the ‚Leibniz University Hanover‘, let me apply for Geography in the upcoming summer. The Uni in Hanover didn’t want me and the ‚Humboldt University‘ in Berlin didn’t answer for quite some time (I later got the ok). So, on a sunny afternoon in August 2013, I made the decision to go to Göttingen.

Look at this Instagram picture from August 2013. Shortly before I made the move.
On this day I looked at a room to rent…

It was a scary decision because it meant that I had to move out from home straight to a city which was 123km away from my hometown. At the time I was often going to clubs to dance to good music the whole night. Of course, I googled the clubs in Göttingen- and was a bit disappointed. I had to tell myself this was a good thing so I could focus on my studies. New city, new people and friends and lots to experience.

This album ‚Bad Blood‘ accompanied me in this transitional time.
I saw them in concert in Göttingen, right before moving there.
Good memories tho. A week into living there, I already felt home.

The first semester was very exciting and I took everything very seriously because I wanted to do better than in my ‚Abitur‘ (high school exams). I took a lot on my plate, took French lessons and visited every tutorial there was. Which was one of the reasons I missed a lot of partying and bonding with my fellow students. At the end of this semester, I learned that it was a bit too much and I failed two important exams (it went all well in the end).

At the end of the second semester and around my birthday in October 2014, I kept myself asking „is this really the right path for me?“. I was really sensitive for anything that sounded like more fun and creative than the things I had to do at Uni. At this time my cousin introduced me to the studies „Visual Communication“ in Hanover and it sounded perfect for me! It included photography, graphic design, art history, cinematography, app development, etc. – all the things I find interesting. But in the end I decided to push through Geography, even if it meant a lot of hard work, some (deadline) sweat and tears and a lot of 

„It always seems impossible until it’s done“

– Nelson Mandela

– moments, which kept me going. I couldn’t concentrate on two subjects at the same time. Especially in the third semester, which was a particularly rough one for me and my mental state. (I’m thinking about doing an extra post on this.)

Semester for semester went by. I moved flats two times within Göttingen, which doesn’t sound a lot. But I moved four times in general over a period of four years (a lot for me). Some issues with the BAföG (it’s some kind of a student loan for those who don’t know) could successfully be resolved, but it meant that I had to make over 40 Credits in the fourth semester. 25-30 are normal and expected (but already hard to manage).

I constantly listened to the album ‚Communion‘ by Years and Years in this semester. It really pushed me and my neighbours probably hated me for singing along out loud. 😀

In the sixth semester, I took an internship in a small urban planning and architectural bureau. It was really interesting and I could test my skills in creating a 3-D model of a planning project. They were impressed and I was proud of myself for the first time in a long period. I wasn’t judged by my grades, but by my skills and outcome of precise work (the model) – which felt very good. (Massive hint for my future work inspiration!)

The 7th semester was a real „catch up“ semester. I did all the exams which were left and did some modules for „professionalising“ my educational path. After that, the last task was my Bachelor thesis.

Semester No. 8 was all dedicated to it, which, in the end, took me 9 months. 9 months?! Yes, because it was one of the hardest things I did. I procrastinated a lot, enjoyed my life (traveled two times to Berlin and one time to Hamburg for concerts; more in another post), tried it in between, did one month of research (interviews), wasn’t sure about my thesis question and had a panic attack shortly before deadline + some big time struggle with finishing… So suddenly it was semester 9 and I handed in just before Christmas.

I wrote about the ‚Hafven‚ coworking and maker space, more precisely about their supply side. What does it need to build such a special place?
You can have a look on their website about what they do.

I learned SO MUCH from my mistakes, fails, the whole time … about me, managing myself, love, people and friendships, and about what I want to do, or rather don’t wanna do in the future / with my life. I grew as a person and I’m happy about the experiences and people I gained in this period of my life.

There will be future posts, where I’ll go deeper into certain topics. I think, when we open up about us and the things we rather want to forget, we can only gain by being authentic and showing other people the sometimes shit moments of life (it wasn’t all bad tho). But if only one person who reads this, feels a little relief from knowing: the struggle is real and I’m not alone with this – then I’m more than happy. 🙂

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x Yasmine


  • From Mother to daughter…
    YES…YOU DID IT… be proud about… you did it…against the Wind …💪🏾
    Mamaaaa 🤡🕊

  • From mother to daughter…
    Schnuppelse Tüftelatüt … YES YOU DID IT… ✌🏻💪🏾
    Against the hole ….sorry me… Bullshit… BE PROUD…
    Meine schöne Tochter … ich habe dich lieb

    Deine Mutantan 🤡

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