Kopenhagen 2018

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope, you’re well and aren’t overwhelmed with all the
„set goals, habits and ’new year, new me‘ talks“?!

Don’t get me wrong!
I love a fresh start and setting intentions, but the pressure to change
is often pretty high around new years.

So, I take it slow.
I create my Bullet Journal bit by bit, made one huge mind-map with goals, etc.
to then focus on what’s important and to put that on my vision board.
Reflecting on what worked and what didn’t in the last year
to migrate the good things also helps me.
Meditating for example, which I started regularly in September.
Sure, I have days off and that’s okay. Because I start to miss it when
I don’t do it anyway and I don’t want to do it, just to it.

When it comes to habits, I find that the longer you think about, the less likely you do it.
So observe if you do that as well and don’t hesitate. Do it. It’ll get easier with time. One habit by one. And only these which benefit you, not because you think you HAVE to do them.

Take it slow. Be patient and loving with yourself (and others).
Enjoy new beginnings, let go of the old.
Laugh more and go with the flow.

I wish you a wonderful year!
x Yasmine

This way to my December playlist. 🙂

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