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I’m a big advocate of learning. Only after school and uni, I realised what learning really means (for me): learning from experience, mistakes, other people and of course from books, podcasts, YouTube, Skillshare… Wanna learn something? Join me!

recent inspiration_feb’19

music. podcasts. videos. books. Sylvester McNutt – Care Package I’m sure everyone has her or his troubles in life, has been wronged or hurt. This book helped me to realise a lot of things. It began the healing process for me and gave me strength. It’s a collection of excerpts and short poems. So whenever […]

recent inspiration_ oct’18.

Here are some of the things, videos, songs that inspired me, got me thinking or that I learned from. I want to share them with you, cause maybe they’re doing the same for you. Have fun! Larks vs. owls – a NYT article I consider myself an owl. Not an extreme one, but I tend […]