Hej, may I introduce myself?
I’m Yasmine: learner, dreamer, doer. Come along with me on my journey to build a fulfilling career, self-growth and living the best (sustainable) life possible.

I like lists, so underneath you’ll find one with random and not-so-random facts about me.

  • I’m 27 and live in a bigger city in the north of Germany.
  • I work part-time in a Coworking- and Maker Space, which is super interesting.
  • I studied Geography (B.Sc.) for 3,5 years and lived in another city for this time. You can tell it by how much I stalk about spaces and places and the future of cities…
  • Some of my passions are: photography, (hand) lettering, interior design, sustainability, politics, aesthetically pleasing things, and a big one: Music.
  • Small things like the smell of the earth after a summer rain, laying in the park with a good book, discovering a new favourite song, a smile, plants or quality time with my loved ones excite me.

My goal for this blog is to push myself creatively and to enjoy writing and sharing parts of my story.

You’ll can expect:
– pictures and tipps from my trips and holidays, but also of my hometown + random pictures of everything that comes across my lense (DSRL and phone)
– new monthly Spotify playlists
– some life „wisdom“ about Uni / post-grad life, experiences, relationships and self-care
– my view on the earth, climate, politics and so on (I’m open for discussions)
– and learning things (about psychology, self-management, bullet journaling, digital marketing, etc.)

If you’re interested in some topics and/ or find similarities- let me know! Nothing’s more exciting than finding like-minded people on the internet. 🙂

So far, so good. Have a good day!
x Yasmine